Our power grid is being loaded more and more non-linearlyby the increasing use of power electronics, which leads to


  • distortion of the waveform (harmonics),
  • causes visible fluctuations in the lighting (flicker),
  • leads to overvoltages and undervoltage above the 10% tolerance limit and sometimes
  • caused total failure of the supply voltage.

In this context, the partners in the netAKTOR network are particularly dedicated to the topic of “network-friendly consumers”. Based on the identified project ideas, demonstrators for grid-friendly user solutions will be created in the course of the research and development projects, which will later contribute to stabilizing the power grids after further development and market maturity.

Actual topics

The following project ideas have been worked out in the network:

  • new grid-friendly magnetic plate control for mobile material handling machines
  • decentralized AC / DC grid infrastructure concepts
  • precision high current measurement
  • redundant power supply for critical infrastructure
  • energy-efficient operation of rail-bound vehicles with fuel cell drives
  • Sustainable use of resources in the maintenance of technical systems
  • Increasing safety on construction sites by networking 3D danger areas with digital control systems of construction machines

These project ideas are refined in terms of content and transferred step by step into research and development projects.

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